Hello Kitty Errythang!

Hello Kitty..the cutest cat in the world or the most evil creature ever?

Whatever it may be, I can assure you someone you know loves Hello Kitty.

I do..I use to collect all the pencil cases,erasers,pencils,etc.

But my collection never went into the weird and strange category.

Weird.. Hello Kitty?Neverrrrr..I beg to differ..

Peep the pics below…


The Hello Kitty Bong..

For the cute and also fashionable stoners

(take a look @ the Louis Vuitton print on top)

and yes Hello Kitty is on there, she’s towards the back.


Your kitty likes Hello Kitty?

Great!!Buy him/her some Kitty Litter made especially for the Hello Kitty Lovers Cat.



Made exclusively for your openly gay construction worker friends.


Not drunk enough?..Let Hello Kitty help you with your wine fantasies.


Get drunk enough off that Hello Kitty wine and you may end up wearing these nice

nipple covers to entertain your guests.


Hate someone?Tase them(no not really..ok well maybe a little couldn’t hurt)

Hello Kitty will help you with your tasing needs.(my personal fav)


2 responses to “Hello Kitty Errythang!

  1. Can I get the bong for my birthday> LOL

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