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I have an Obsession

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated by odd photos..Well,beautiful and artistically odd.

Stuff that makes you wanna know the rest of the story in a picture.

My blog takes on many faces:style,art,parties,crazy shit.

But my main interest is photos of random stuff I like and I wanna share.

Like it or don’t..I don’t give a shit..


Guess who’s back?

I was gone but now I’m back for your random pleasure…I had some personal stuff 2 take care of..

Anywho,I feel a little inspired by photos today so here’s some for your viewing pleasure…

I’ve been obsessed with old East Indian 70’s makeup ads lately and BIG hair…


Snooki..Not the 1st “poof” sportin’ Broad.

Big Hair.

I effin love it!

Teased,Ratted,and Heavily Sprayed with my favorite can of aerosol toxic fume inducing hairspray.

The bigger the better.Snooki knows what I’m talking ’bout! Yessss, Snooki,Snookers,Snooks,aka the poof sportin Jersey Shore broad from MTV’s newest installment of reality t.v.

I love it! and her! She makes me laugh and makes me wanna fist pump the night away!

But Snooks wasn’t the 1st “Poof” sportin’ Broad.Ooooh noooo..The Poof has been making it’s way in the scene long b4 beat bangin’ and battle dancin’.

Some “Poof” examples:

Brigitte Bardot…this french model /actress made the poof sexy and hip back in the day.

My fav. old school Latina actress.Raquel Welch made 10,000 b.c. and every movie she made drool worthy with her poof.

Eva Mendes is notorious for rockin the poof..I think she’s got a lil guidette in her.

One of the most famous poof wearing broads..Miss Dolly Parton..I guess something has to take some of the attention from the big ol’ tit-tays!

and last but not least..the great “poof” wave of the 80’s…Yes this whole family rocked it.I’m sure  some of you got family flicks like yeah, me neither.

Oleg Dou..Amazing Photography Art

Oleg Dou is one amazing artistic photographer! His work is haunting yet beautiful.

I was in awe when I came across some of his work.

Plus I got a thang for photography showcasing “BIG EYES”.

Since I’m part of the big eye


Elena Kalis..Alice in WaterLand


Elena Kalis is known for her beautiful and whimsical underwater photography.

This is her latest batch of dream-like photos.

A look at Alice in Wonderland..well actually Waterland.

It’s reminds me of ” Through The Looking Glass”, the crazy alter ego movie,

that made Alice seem a little bit more real and twisted.

I’m not saying these are twisted photos , just the same sort of realism to the story.

I absolutely love these pictures!







Chau Har Lee..Innovative Shoes


Chau Har Lee is becoming known for her innovative and geometric designed shoes.

If you can even call them that.

More like art for the feet.

These heels are so interesting and artistic to look at I would buy a pair just for

display purposes only.

Check out these new designs from Ms.Lee herself.



Designer Tag Sale This Saturday




Saturday, August 8; 10am – 4pm

Back yard of an updated Cape Cod-style house near Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA
 Premier designer tag sale, a HIGH-END DESIGNER SHOPPING EVENT!!  

The Designer Tag Sale is an interior designer yard sale/tag sale organized by interior designer Vanessa De Vargas and design editor Vanessa Kogevinas. Hosted by entrepreneur Amy Swift ( <> ),  the sale will feature over ten top Los Angeles designers selling items from their personal inventories including small furniture such as side-tables, lamps, rugs, pillows, art, accessories and more at incredibly low prices! Nothing will be over $200 and prices will run as low as $5. 

Designers include  Molly Luetkemeyer, Ron Woodson, Jamie Rummerfield, Lindsey Dann Miller, Vanessa De Vargas, Paula Smail, Carla Lane, Jennifer Culp, Michelle Workman, Krista Ewart, Kelly Van Patter, Erica Islas, Jonamor Décor, Stephanie Visser and Cory Pernicano. 

Confirmed vendors are  Sobe, Elixir G, New Editions, and  Yelp who will be participating as a media sponsor. 

Free gift bags will be offered to the first thirty attendees and will include items from  Henry Road, Bueller Designs, Blue Pool Road, Yelp, Fauna Pet and  C Magazine’s newest issue! 

There will also be a raffle with gifts from  Apartment Therapy, Kreme wallpaper and  Anney Friday Jewelry. Complimentary entertainment will include  Elixir G Margaritas, Yvonne’s Gluten-Free Cookies, light passed appetizers and beauty treatments.  DJ New Berlin will be spinning.
Any non-purchased items and leftover designer inventory will be donated to  Beit T’Shuvah, a local Venice residential treatment, spiritual and education center. 


The Designer Tag Sale will also feature free mini-consultations and appraisals by designers so we ask that you bring pictures of your home and furniture items if you wish to participate.  

Entry fee is $10. Cash only please. 

Check out their blog!