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Guess who’s back?

I was gone but now I’m back for your random pleasure…I had some personal stuff 2 take care of..

Anywho,I feel a little inspired by photos today so here’s some for your viewing pleasure…

I’ve been obsessed with old East Indian 70’s makeup ads lately and BIG hair…



Four G Magazine Release Party


Club 6
60 6th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Go to this party or I’ll kick you in the fucking elbow and laugh….

Mattel Getting On the 80’s Wagon with Barbie

Mattel has decided to hop on the 80’s bandwagon and create rockstars of the 80’s Barbies.

I dig it because I loved Joan Jett,Debbie Harry,and Cyndi Lauper.

I’ve always been a fan of the blonde bombshell named “Barbie”

Good to know Barbie isn’t as narrow minded as we all think she is.

She’s down for a little rock and roll,teased hair, and fishnets.

These Barbie Bitches are due out sometime in 2010.


Cyndi Lauper


Debbie Harry :aka: Blondie


Joan Jett

Hello Kitty Madness


Calling all Hello Kitty Lovers(myself included)…

I got some crazy shit 2 show u.

Get your Hello Kitty Madness on.


Imagine if your man pulled these out during a hot steamy love session..


Hey Hello Kitty is a girl 2..She needs pad protection just like the rest of us babymakers.


this is what happens when the faulty Hello Kitty condoms break..


Who knew Hello Kitty was such a freak?

Get someone to smack your ass with this thing and feel the Hello Kitty LOVE all over.


If I ever go to war I’m def carrying this gun and wearing that outfit.

Chau Har Lee..Innovative Shoes


Chau Har Lee is becoming known for her innovative and geometric designed shoes.

If you can even call them that.

More like art for the feet.

These heels are so interesting and artistic to look at I would buy a pair just for

display purposes only.

Check out these new designs from Ms.Lee herself.



The Most Counterfeited Brand..You Should Already Know The Answer!

26 Oh Louis Vuitton.

You are loved by many and hated by few.

And your shit gets counterfeited like a Mutha F*cker.

Yes,the wonderful oddly little painted necklace is sadly a fake.(lmao)

Who knew LV made trash bags for the inner trashy fashionista

such as the one below:


Or better yet how your can bomb someone ,somewhere  all while doing it in  LV style:


Don’t forget your gas mask while doing it!!:

15 and make sure you hop into this get-away car after the ordeal is over:3

Be a leader not a follower with this spiffy haircut:

lvhairLadies , something extra special for those frisky nights!


Sorry they had no room for the LV’s to fit on the Big Ass Underwear.

and if you want your office to feel extra LV luxurious buy this little number here

(sorry LV water bottle wasn’t counterfeited yet..but soon!!)


Go for a nice ride down the street in this glorious scooter.(your  friends will be envious!):


Don’t forget to go green and carry home your fresh veggies and organic soy in these treasures:


Poor Louis V.

Just can’t catch a break.

Designer Tag Sale This Saturday




Saturday, August 8; 10am – 4pm

Back yard of an updated Cape Cod-style house near Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA
 Premier designer tag sale, a HIGH-END DESIGNER SHOPPING EVENT!!  

The Designer Tag Sale is an interior designer yard sale/tag sale organized by interior designer Vanessa De Vargas and design editor Vanessa Kogevinas. Hosted by entrepreneur Amy Swift ( <> ),  the sale will feature over ten top Los Angeles designers selling items from their personal inventories including small furniture such as side-tables, lamps, rugs, pillows, art, accessories and more at incredibly low prices! Nothing will be over $200 and prices will run as low as $5. 

Designers include  Molly Luetkemeyer, Ron Woodson, Jamie Rummerfield, Lindsey Dann Miller, Vanessa De Vargas, Paula Smail, Carla Lane, Jennifer Culp, Michelle Workman, Krista Ewart, Kelly Van Patter, Erica Islas, Jonamor Décor, Stephanie Visser and Cory Pernicano. 

Confirmed vendors are  Sobe, Elixir G, New Editions, and  Yelp who will be participating as a media sponsor. 

Free gift bags will be offered to the first thirty attendees and will include items from  Henry Road, Bueller Designs, Blue Pool Road, Yelp, Fauna Pet and  C Magazine’s newest issue! 

There will also be a raffle with gifts from  Apartment Therapy, Kreme wallpaper and  Anney Friday Jewelry. Complimentary entertainment will include  Elixir G Margaritas, Yvonne’s Gluten-Free Cookies, light passed appetizers and beauty treatments.  DJ New Berlin will be spinning.
Any non-purchased items and leftover designer inventory will be donated to  Beit T’Shuvah, a local Venice residential treatment, spiritual and education center. 


The Designer Tag Sale will also feature free mini-consultations and appraisals by designers so we ask that you bring pictures of your home and furniture items if you wish to participate.  

Entry fee is $10. Cash only please. 

Check out their blog!