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I have an Obsession

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated by odd photos..Well,beautiful and artistically odd.

Stuff that makes you wanna know the rest of the story in a picture.

My blog takes on many faces:style,art,parties,crazy shit.

But my main interest is photos of random stuff I like and I wanna share.

Like it or don’t..I don’t give a shit..


Guess who’s back?

I was gone but now I’m back for your random pleasure…I had some personal stuff 2 take care of..

Anywho,I feel a little inspired by photos today so here’s some for your viewing pleasure…

I’ve been obsessed with old East Indian 70’s makeup ads lately and BIG hair…


Barbies That Should Be Made!!

I demand these Barbies be made.


Ok so the real story behind my BollyhoodBarbie name is more like a joke then a nickname.

I seriously don’t hold myself in regards with Barbie.

Yet I MANAGE to have everyone with Barbie in their Twitter name following me.

I wonder why?

Don’t assume I think I’m a Barbie by any means.

It’s just a nickname and it’s just for shits and giggles.

Anyways,on to my Barbie Bashing!

Stripper Barbie

Cuz she’s dancin’ and they payin’ her for it.Bitch gotta pay bills,right?

Chain -Smoker Barbie

Who doesn’t love a Broad that’s gonna age fast by smoking 5 packs a day?

Steroid Barbie

For all little girls aspiring to do steroids and look like orange men with boobs.YAAAY!

Crack Hoe and Pimp Daddy Ken

This here is a combo pack cuz’ a hoe can’t be without her Pimp!

Anorexic Barbie

Barbie can never be tooooo thin.Right? riiiiiight.

Crackwhore Barbie

Little crack never hurt nobody.

RedNeck Barbie and Ken Combo

Yeee Hawww.Look at dem hairstyles.They sure are purrdy.

Oleg Dou..Amazing Photography Art

Oleg Dou is one amazing artistic photographer! His work is haunting yet beautiful.

I was in awe when I came across some of his work.

Plus I got a thang for photography showcasing “BIG EYES”.

Since I’m part of the big eye


Four G Magazine Release Party


Club 6
60 6th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Go to this party or I’ll kick you in the fucking elbow and laugh….

Hello Kitty Madness


Calling all Hello Kitty Lovers(myself included)…

I got some crazy shit 2 show u.

Get your Hello Kitty Madness on.


Imagine if your man pulled these out during a hot steamy love session..


Hey Hello Kitty is a girl 2..She needs pad protection just like the rest of us babymakers.


this is what happens when the faulty Hello Kitty condoms break..


Who knew Hello Kitty was such a freak?

Get someone to smack your ass with this thing and feel the Hello Kitty LOVE all over.


If I ever go to war I’m def carrying this gun and wearing that outfit.

Elena Kalis..Alice in WaterLand


Elena Kalis is known for her beautiful and whimsical underwater photography.

This is her latest batch of dream-like photos.

A look at Alice in Wonderland..well actually Waterland.

It’s reminds me of ” Through The Looking Glass”, the crazy alter ego movie,

that made Alice seem a little bit more real and twisted.

I’m not saying these are twisted photos , just the same sort of realism to the story.

I absolutely love these pictures!