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Barbies That Should Be Made!!

I demand these Barbies be made.


Ok so the real story behind my BollyhoodBarbie name is more like a joke then a nickname.

I seriously don’t hold myself in regards with Barbie.

Yet I MANAGE to have everyone with Barbie in their Twitter name following me.

I wonder why?

Don’t assume I think I’m a Barbie by any means.

It’s just a nickname and it’s just for shits and giggles.

Anyways,on to my Barbie Bashing!

Stripper Barbie

Cuz she’s dancin’ and they payin’ her for it.Bitch gotta pay bills,right?

Chain -Smoker Barbie

Who doesn’t love a Broad that’s gonna age fast by smoking 5 packs a day?

Steroid Barbie

For all little girls aspiring to do steroids and look like orange men with boobs.YAAAY!

Crack Hoe and Pimp Daddy Ken

This here is a combo pack cuz’ a hoe can’t be without her Pimp!

Anorexic Barbie

Barbie can never be tooooo thin.Right? riiiiiight.

Crackwhore Barbie

Little crack never hurt nobody.

RedNeck Barbie and Ken Combo

Yeee Hawww.Look at dem hairstyles.They sure are purrdy.


Mattel Getting On the 80’s Wagon with Barbie

Mattel has decided to hop on the 80’s bandwagon and create rockstars of the 80’s Barbies.

I dig it because I loved Joan Jett,Debbie Harry,and Cyndi Lauper.

I’ve always been a fan of the blonde bombshell named “Barbie”

Good to know Barbie isn’t as narrow minded as we all think she is.

She’s down for a little rock and roll,teased hair, and fishnets.

These Barbie Bitches are due out sometime in 2010.


Cyndi Lauper


Debbie Harry :aka: Blondie


Joan Jett

Who Hasn’t Wished Barbie Would Speak This Way?



But unfortunately, You don’t and your still considered Miss Perfect.

The people at  theBarbisms.com  feel the same way I do.

Making Barbie and her friends say “oh- so- raunchy” things that us normal women wished we could state on a daily basis.

Instead we can just send out random e-cards(the site provides) and let people( men in general) know how we really feel about them.

I’ve known about Barbism’s for awhile but I figured I’d share it with the unknowning women out there that didn’t.


You’ll get a laugh out of the gallery prints.