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I have an Obsession

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated by odd photos..Well,beautiful and artistically odd.

Stuff that makes you wanna know the rest of the story in a picture.

My blog takes on many faces:style,art,parties,crazy shit.

But my main interest is photos of random stuff I like and I wanna share.

Like it or don’t..I don’t give a shit..


Oleg Dou..Amazing Photography Art

Oleg Dou is one amazing artistic photographer! His work is haunting yet beautiful.

I was in awe when I came across some of his work.

Plus I got a thang for photography showcasing “BIG EYES”.

Since I’m part of the big eye club.lol


Elena Kalis..Alice in WaterLand


Elena Kalis is known for her beautiful and whimsical underwater photography.

This is her latest batch of dream-like photos.

A look at Alice in Wonderland..well actually Waterland.

It’s reminds me of ” Through The Looking Glass”, the crazy alter ego movie,

that made Alice seem a little bit more real and twisted.

I’m not saying these are twisted photos , just the same sort of realism to the story.

I absolutely love these pictures!