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Snooki..Not the 1st “poof” sportin’ Broad.

Big Hair.

I effin love it!

Teased,Ratted,and Heavily Sprayed with my favorite can of aerosol toxic fume inducing hairspray.

The bigger the better.Snooki knows what I’m talking ’bout! Yessss, Snooki,Snookers,Snooks,aka the poof sportin Jersey Shore broad from MTV’s newest installment of reality t.v.

I love it! and her! She makes me laugh and makes me wanna fist pump the night away!

But Snooks wasn’t the 1st “Poof” sportin’ Broad.Ooooh noooo..The Poof has been making it’s way in the scene long b4 beat bangin’ and battle dancin’.

Some “Poof” examples:

Brigitte Bardot…this french model /actress made the poof sexy and hip back in the day.

My fav. old school Latina actress.Raquel Welch made 10,000 b.c. and every movie she made drool worthy with her poof.

Eva Mendes is notorious for rockin the poof..I think she’s got a lil guidette in her.

One of the most famous poof wearing broads..Miss Dolly Parton..I guess something has to take some of the attention from the big ol’ tit-tays!

and last but not least..the great “poof” wave of the 80’s…Yes this whole family rocked it.I’m sure ¬†some of you got family flicks like this..no? yeah, me neither.